Welcome to Popsockets België – Belgique & Nederland!

Hello there! Finally. Popsockets arrived in Belgïe/Belgique! Allow us to introduce to you the hype of the moment in the United States! You may or you may not have heard of us before, but we are here to stay and to conquer Belgium!

Be sure to fully browse our website and learn about the beauty of Popsockets and its accessories. You will find that they are highly addictive. Check out the video below! Enjoy!

Hey, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our details HERE. We are always ready to have a chat…

What is a Popsocket? Let us explain you!

A Popsocket basically is an expanding piece of plastic, whichs sticks to nearly every mobile device. iPad, iPhone, smartphone, tablet,… You name it! They will truly change the way you experience your mobile devices.

Popsockets have multiple functions. They can be used as a phonegrip when reading texts or taking selfies. Use them as a convenient for your device when you are watching Youtube. Or neatly tuck away your earbuds and use them as a cordwrap!

Oh yea, Popsockets can be fully customized. How cool is that! For more information, check out or FAQ.